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Spotlight on Success: Fotop and iRewind ONE are revolutionizing mass participation sporting events

Welcome to the first installment of #iRewindONESpotlight, a captivating series of video interviews highlighting our trusted partners and customers from around the globe. Get ready to be inspired, informed, and challenged in new and exciting ways. We’ll dive deep into these stories of collaboration, full of opportunities and exciting moments. Tune in, turn on, and let ‘Spotlight’ reveal the best in personalized video partnerships.

In this first episode, we spotlight Fotop, one of the world-leading platforms for event, tourism, and attraction photography. This blog post is a companion to an in-depth video interview with Andre Chaco, CEO of Fotop, as he discusses the company’s evolution and the game-changing impact of their collaboration with iRewind.

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About Fotop

Fotop, headquartered in Brazil, has a worldwide presence, operating in countries like Ecuador, Colombia, Italy, Portugal, Australia, and Ireland. Initially concentrating on sports events like marathons and triathlons, Fotop has broadened its reach to encompass various other markets. They have streamlined the process for photographers to upload and categorize their images, making it more accessible for event participants to find and purchase their photos.


The genesis of the Fotop and iRewind partnership

Fotop embarked on its collaboration with iRewind two years ago, as the platform brought professionalism and ease to the company’s operations. “Instead of upgrading our own platform or creating a new one, it was much easier to partner with iRewind,” says Andre Chaco, CEO Fotop. The alliance has enabled Fotop to concentrate on their core business while benefiting from the continuous upgrades and improvements to the “iRewind ONE” platform.


The Power of Video

Chaco highlights the crucial role videos play in the attendee experience. “Having the video now is fantastic”, he shares, recalling reactions from customers who were touched by watching videos of their marathon finishes. The profound emotional connection these videos inspire has resulted in overwhelmingly positive feedback and repeat purchases, validating the importance of video in their service offering.


Prioritizing Data Over Verbal Reviews

Chaco underscores the value of customer behavior over verbal feedback. “If someone says they love the video but doesn’t purchase it for the subsequent event, I understand they didn’t like it that much,” he adds. The ultimate indicator of service excellence is the repetition of purchases.


Final thoughts

The collaboration between Fotop and iRewind has been reciprocally advantageous, elevating the customer experience and putting a spotlight on both companies in the marketplace. The resoundingly positive feedback and recurring purchases demonstrate the transformative power of video in capturing life’s significant moments. “We receive a lot of feedback, and the vast majority is really, really good, which also inspires us to continue producing videos for more and more events,” concludes Chaco.

Stay tuned for more interviews in the series in the upcoming months.