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Personalized videos are the golden standard for zero party data marketing. Unlocking Digital Dominance and Building Unparallel Consumer Trust.

In today’s techage, marketing is undergoing a paradigm shift. The days of generic, mass advertising are long gone. Modern consumers crave personalization while being more actively concerned with their privacy than ever before.

But there is a so-called third space solution that combines the both and drives forward digital marketing in the new era: personalized videos. Delivered with zero party mechanisms, personalized videos are the zenith of consumer-centric digital marketing. Let’s explore how this synergy is the gold standard for targeted marketing campaigns.


Zeroing in: the power of zero party data 

At its core, zero party data is data that a customer consciously and willingly shares with a brand. Unlike first, second or third party data, derived from user interactions, behaviours or vendors, zero party data emerges from a place of trust and explicit user consent. Its magnetism for digital marketers lies in a clear combination of two advantage points:

Zero party data is collected more directly and brands get the goldmine: the most specific, up-to-date and most valuable consumer insights. With these, brands can better understand target customers and can craft more valuable messaging and conduct granular analysis and optimization of campaigns.


iRewind: Personalized Videos are nowadays’ engagement epicentre and a zero party data magnet 

Nowadays, capturing consent is a creative and innovative endeavour. As digital landscapes become more crowded, capturing user attention is often like a mission impossible – fleeting and challenging. iRewind personalized videos are zero party data dynamos. With our prowess in creating riveting personalizer videos, iRewind videos emerge as the indispensable, must have solution.

Personalized videos amplify the engagement and thus attract zero party data actions from consumers because of:


The ultimate marketing fusion

This synergy of iRewind personalized videos and zero party data collection is a powerhouse with multiple facets and options for creative marketing:

iRewind already has a strong portfolio showing how zero party data is easily and creatively collected with personalized videos. Generali is one of the first brands to have entrusted part of their zero party data marketing strategy to personalized videos projects driven by iRewind.


iRewind Digital Alchemy for Generali Geneve Marathon: From Race Finishers to Brand Enthusiasts 

Generali, the largest global insurance and asset management providers is one of our long time partners. For #GeneveMarathon, Generali aimed to increase its brand loyalty and positive sentiment, as well as business performance. Generali Geneve Marathon sits alongside the world’s premier elite running races, with 17 editions and the well-known World Athletics prestigious Bronze Road Race Label.

iRewind crafted a bespoke lead generation tool that didn’t just engage race participants but transformed them into loyal brand advocates. Participants could download their personalised videos by first interacting with a custom landing page which collected with their consent the necessary data. At the end of this transparent process, participants got access to their personalized videos in 2 formats: “10 seconds of fame” – the short portrait finisher video and the classical landscape long-format video. The numbers say it all: 4500+ fresh leads and an engagement rate that soared 10 times beyond Generali’s original expectations.

Brands thriving in the digital realm aren’t those with vast budgets or ubiquitous presence; they are the ones that are driving the wave of transformation. Through zero party data and personalized videos, brands can build a narrative where consumers are protagonists, not just viewers. As we steer more and more into the core of the techage, this innovative blend of zero party data and personalized videos is the blueprint for marketing innovation.