AI Feature story

AI Empowers iRewind ONE’s Personalized Video Experience. First chapter: AI-Powered Real-time Focus Optimization.

We’re excited to start this insightful series exploring the AI features embedded within iRewind ONE. In today’s instalment, we delve deep into how AI not only enhances but empowers the personalized video experience.

In a techage dominated by ever-evolving technology, the AI expertise and effect stands unparalleled. Its ability to redefine boundaries and optimise user experiences is changing how industries operate. iRewind ONE is definitely a revolutionising phenomenon on its own with a seamless integration of AI technologies.


The AI surge and modern-days tech

Daily across all sectors, AI is proving its mettle by offering solutions that were once deemed futuristic. Whether it’s smart homes adapting to our lifestyles or chatbots providing instant customer support, nowadays the world is embracing AI for its accuracy, efficiency, foresight and promise of a more effective future.


iRewind ONE: capturing moments with precision 

iRewind ONE primary recording devices are smartphones using iRewind ONE smart APP. Even though it matches an extended array of phone cameras, the iRewind ONE ecosystem was built as a seamless infrastructure for capturing video content.

Recording tens of millions of memories at mass participation events with phones is no small feat. Marathons and other mass participation events are dynamic environments that ask for consistent focus. Imagine runners navigating varying terrains, weather conditions changing rapidly, and countless moments of action. Especially when using mobile phones as the primary recording device, myriad challenges arise, including fluctuations in lighting, unpredictable weather, or overcrowded scenes.

Mobile phones might lose focus on continuous operations with changing conditions such as light, crowded vs static, wind and many more, leading to hours of blurred memories. Since the mobile phones run basically unattended, nobody can notice and in worst case the whole marathon would be filmed defocused. But iRewind ONE has a secret. This trailblazing self-service SaaS-based video solution is designed to immortalise personal moments at large events with an impeccable execution of AI.


AI is the expertly addressed solution for iRewind ONE App usage 

To mitigate the focus loss issue, iRewind ONE uses AI, to analyse the footage in real time and re-trigger focus automatically in case of defocus. We call it AI-Powered Real-time Focus Optimization. The AI solution is running directly on the phone analysing the video footage in real time. Based on an opencv library providing the mechanics of a laplace filter, iRewind ONE and its AI system calculates a focus score. If the score is below an appropriate value for a specific scene we re-trigger the camera focus on the mobile phone. The AI system promptly re-triggers the camera focus, ensuring crisp, clear, and cherished memories. And voila, the magic is done!


Why AI is Indispensable for iRewind ONE

Real-time Analysis: AI eliminates lag, processing videos as they’re recorded, ensuring quality isn’t compromised. In this way, the focus remains where it should be, on the participants.

Enhanced User Experience: No one wants their once-in-a-lifetime moments to be a blurry, unshareable video. AI guarantees the clarity of each memory. From the starting line to the finish, AI in iRewind ONE ensures all triumphs are relieved.

Operational Efficiency: With AI, manual interventions reduce dramatically, making the filming process smoother and hassle-free.

Scalability: As iRewind ONE expands, AI’s adaptability ensures it can handle more significant events and larger crowds without a dip in performance.

Optimization and automatization: only relevant footage is uploaded and stored. iRewind ONE AI is automatically editing videos with embedded time synchronisation. Moreover, the technology includes OCR (optical character recognition) and motion recognition to improve runners identification and video edits, as well as image analysis for participant recognition and segmentation of the video data.


AI in iRewind ONE: The Road Ahead

AI isn’t just another tech trend; it’s the backbone of modern innovation. The fusion of iRewind ONE and AI doesn’t just end with focus management. As AI continues to grow, its potential applications within iRewind ONE are limitless. For platforms like iRewind ONE, aiming to provide exceptional experiences, AI is not just beneficial – it’s essential.

As we march into a future where technology moulds our experiences, it’s clear that the AI solutions, tools and systems will set the gold standard for digital video marketing.

As we wrap up this first exploration, we want to invite you to follow up on this discovery journey for yet another piece on how AI is blended intro iRewind ONE. Stay tuned, we’ll soon venture further into another layer of the transformative impact of AI.