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The video revolution is here. Discover how hyper personalization of video content is redefining and repurposing digital marketing landscapes.

A huge number of tools and strategies fight for the attention of marketers nowadays. Amidst the noise of options, video content emerged, not just as an additional medium, but a dynamic force transforming the marketing environments everywhere.


The video revolution is leading digital marketing strategies


We’re now halfway through the golden age of video consumption, a trend propelled by technological innovation and evolving viewer preferences. The ubiquity of smartphones and the proliferation of high-speed internet as well as spending more time at home during the past years, have converged to make video content not just accessible but a must-have, integral element of the daily digital experience. According to a report by HubSpot, over 54% of consumers expressed a desire to see more video content from businesses they support. Moreover, consumers today are not just viewers but participants in a visual journey that should reflect their preferences, aspirations, and lifestyles. A survey revealed 87% of marketers credited video with a direct, positive impact on sales, with 96% agreeing that videos augmented user understanding of their product or service. Marketers have also underscored the prodigious impact of video content, with 83% advocating for videos under 60 seconds. This evolution is not sporadic but aligns with the rise of platforms like TikTok, which have made engagement the cornerstone of effective video content.


Much of this shift towards video consumption was created by the platforms we binge weekly


Netflix, Disney, and HBO are not just titans in the entertainment industry; they are savvy navigators of the landscape of advertising and digital marketing, leveraging data and technology to redefine engagement, content dissemination, and brand visibility. These media giants are responding to a profound global shift – a digital renaissance marked by an insatiable consumer appetite for video content.

Netflix’s 208 million subscribers benefit from personalized marketing, using algorithms and viewer data to enhance content discoverability. Disney, after launching Disney+, gained 100 million subscribers in 16 months, emphasising engagement over mere visibility. Meanwhile, HBO Max utilises data to guide content creation and distribution. These changes represent a worldwide trend in video content. Brands orienting towards content that is authentic and carefully placed in the context of the consumers are thriving in their digital marketing strategies.


We are in an era where video content is king. It’s about engagement metrics, conversion rates, and viewer retention 


This video consumption trend transcends entertainment; it’s redefining advertising and digital marketing, making video content the symbol of effective, engaging, and results-driven marketing. Companies are now more than advertisers, they are content creators, strategists, and data analysts. Consumer insights transform video content from passive visual narratives to interactive, engaging, and conversion-oriented marketing tools.

Recent years’ surveys spotlight the meteoric rise of video content in the strategic arsenals of marketers. According to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing survey, a staggering 91% of businesses have integrated video as a cardinal component of their marketing strategies. This isn’t a superficial trend, but an evolution rooted in a consumer shift towards visual, immersive, and interactive content. The global digital video viewership is projected to burgeon to 3.5 billion, underscoring this universal and insatiable appetite we have for visual narratives.

Every second spent on video content is engagement, a connection that transcends digital interfaces, immersing viewers. And brands get that relatable, tangible, and engaging character. People are allocating 17 hours per week on an average to online videos, with a whopping 52% more likelihood to share video content than any other content type.

In this dynamic interaction of pixels and perspectives, iRewind ONE emerges as a quintessential digital marketing tool.


Personal performance as authentic narratives, engaging video artefacts that are easily shareable on mobile devices


It’s not just about viewing your marathon performance; it’s about experiencing, living, and relishing every frame, every move, every emotion. Emotion in motion can only be relayed through iRewind and iRewind ONE hyper personalized videos. 75% of viewers are engrossed in short-form video content on their mobile devices. This underscores the incredible shift towards content that is not only visually captivating but also concise, potent, and tailored to the fast-paced, mobile-first consumer lifestyle. The emphasis is not just on creation but on strategic, targeted, and personalized dissemination, a feature iRewind and iRewind ONE hyper personalized videos lead with dominance. A consumer trend tracker survey unveiled that 69% of U.S. consumers prioritise authenticity and relatability over polished, high-quality video or audio.


iRewind and iRewind ONE hyper-personalized videos stand for content that reflects, resonates, and sheds light on individual identities and stories


Today’s consumers crave authenticity, high quality and instant gratification. They seek content that’s concise, versatile, and instantly shareable across various platforms. Enter iRewind and iRewind ONE personalized videos. While they’re perfectly tailored to the individual, they retain the raw essence of athletic prowess. This unique mix touches each video with the genuine feeling consumers yearn for. By capturing real moments from real people, these videos serve as enduring memories that last throughout the years. And that’s the ripple effect brands can have over consumers while choosing personalized videos as their engagement mechanisms.

Just imagine the brand impact when this innovative approach reaches marathon participants directly. Instead of a generic ad campaign to address all audiences, with personalized videos, a brand can actually have 10,000 ads straight to each of the people in the audience. Thus harnessing the power heartfelt, meticulously crafted personalized video memories, brought to life by iRewind and iRewind ONE. It’s not just marketing; it’s an emotion-driven revolution.

Looking ahead, the visual revolution is set to gain momentum, with 70% of marketers who haven’t yet ventured into video planning to do so for the next months and years. iRewind and  iRewind ONE videos transform generic content into personalized narratives that speak, resonate, and convert. This is a digital video marketing tool through which brands are experienced and content is not viewed, but felt.

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Running + iRewind Technology + Lead generation marketing equals impactful brand result

Our team had an incredible weekend. From Spain to Switzerland and from Germany to Brazil and USA, our forces (and creative impact) reached tens of thousands of sports participants on 3 continents. And we loved it every step of the way!


One of the most important contributions was in Switzerland for the 17th edition of Generali Genève Marathon, where we partnered with Generali. 18.000+ participants from all over the country ran together as a statement for the incredible power of sports, connection and community. This was actually a record-breaking edition for the organisers and we were there to mark the moments in the iRewind way. As a plus, we designed for Generali a lead generation tool to engage with participants and continue to build meaningful, long term relationships after the race as well. Because unlocking meaningful interactions for our partners is essential of our iRewind journey.



We’re giving you just a slice of the excitement we felt (and captured with iRewind) during this past weekend, with the presentation movie from the organisers.


Brand stories City running Feature story Mass participation Stories

iRewind ONE: jump-starting April on a high note

We were definitely on a roll this past weekend, as our team covered 4 of the most anticipated sports events in running and skiing.


All in all, team iRewind produced a record breaking number of 350.000 finisher videos,  delivered to the participants and our partners, through our latest iRewind ONE technology. Time was definitely of the essence, as we made it happen in less than 48 hours, an even faster pursuit than traditional photo event deliveries.


The Paris Marathon was definitely leading the trail and we made the most out of the biggest running event in Europe. Paris hosted more than 52.000 runners and ignited a fabulous course with a revamped finale in the streets of the French capital. Italy sweeped us off our feet as the Milano Marathon came in quite close in terms of iRewind ONE impact. With its massive credo: run fast, live cool, the fastest marathon in Italy, welcomed more than 20,000 runners and we were there to capture it all. Switzerland raised the weekend excitement with both skiing (Famigros Arosa Lenzerheide) and running (Rotseelauf).


In times like these, we like to stop and look at what we could capture with this top-notch technology. Marathons are exhilarating experiences, attracting passionate runners from all walks of life. The thrill of pushing oneself to the limit, the energy of the crowds, and the satisfaction of completing the course create an unforgettable atmosphere. The camaraderie among runners, the milestones along the way and the sense of achievement at the finish line make marathons an exciting and rewarding challenge. That’s the power of sports and iRewind ONE is there to make it unforgettable and long-lasting.



And for all the event organisers and partners looking to partner with us, iRewind ONE is a fast, convenient and smart solution handing you the power of real time technology, video production and personalisation, all with the touch of a button.