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Record speed of delivery: how technological achievement transforms brand connection, engagement and emotions

Thanks to the advancements in technology, mass participation sporting events such as marathons, trail races, triathlons, and cycling finish lines are now becoming the actual starting point for digital celebrations. And yesterday’s most exceptional product experiences are no longer exciting, they’re expected. Combine the both and you get the perfect premise for the ultimate, innovative digital engagement tool for brands and event organisers to deliver instant gratification to participants: personalized videos from iRewind and iRewind ONE. Providing hyper personalized victory videos within an astounding 2 minutes and 57 seconds of crossing the finish line is really the ultimate marketing solution.


The need for speed in a world of instant gratification


Nowadays, the consumer’s expectation for rapid content delivery is insatiable. Particularly in the high-stakes atmosphere of a mass participation sporting event, where the physical and emotional journey culminates in a single, electrifying moment at the end, the need for immediate reflection and celebration becomes paramount. This fleeting window of opportunity is where personalized videos step in to make digital marketing history and rewrite how participants and spectators alike remember the race. And brands as well, why not?


An emotional sprint: capturing euphoria and real hype in real-time


As runners glide past the finish line, their adrenaline and joy reach maximum levels. And personalized videos capture it all, in record speed.

They get the raw, unfiltered emotions of triumph that, if not seized quickly, can fade as fast as they surged. It’s a technological sprint matching the runners’ physical one.

On the other hand, emotional openness is the perfect occasion to impact the participant. When on achievement and dopamine highs, positive connections with brands and tailored messages are at their peak.  


Shareability of the victory: social media is the new finish line


Once a more individual or restrained experience, the finish line is now a shared one, with not only friends and family, but also with the extended online communities on social media. Personalized videos continue the performance with a conversation about a race well run. The rapid turnaround of personalized videos ensures that marathoners can share their running experience while the cheers are still ringing in their ears.


The golden hour for brands: making every second count. 

Time is not only money, but first of all connection and engagement 


For brands, the moments after the marathon are crucial. This is when the emotional connection between the brand and the participant is at its zenith. Through personalized videos, brands can become an integral part of multiple personal victory narratives. The quick delivery of personalized content not only capitalises on the participant’s heightened emotional state but also associates the brand with that peak moment of personal success. Personalized videos also go beyond just quick content delivery—it’s about creating a personalized experience that speaks directly to the runner. Each video is a reflection of the individual’s journey, tailored to their race, their effort, their story. This level of personalization builds a deep, emotive connection between the participant and the event, fostering loyalty and creating brand ambassadors out of every runner.


From runners to storytellers: the transformative impact of personalized videos


Mass participation sporting events are the perfect storytelling occasions. Participants are both runners and micro-influencers, organically expanding the overall event’s reach. The more shareable the content, the larger the audience and higher the impact. Personalized videos are the perfect way to share the experience, in the right format at the right moment, exactly after the finish line.


Personalized videos stand out in the sea of sameness


Personalized videos offer a competitive edge. With incredible speeds of delivery to all participants, they are the differentiator that positions marathons and brands alike as leaders in innovation. 


In the rush of life, the moments that matter most are often the ones that pass us by the quickest. Personalized videos freeze time and allow to relive the unrelievable.